What is Everest?

Everest is the amazing new software solution from EDU365 that's been designed and built to simplify all the varied and complex tasks undertaken by teachers and school leadership teams.

Everest is an incredibly advanced and powerful system which, due to its thoughtfully designed interface, is also highly intuitive. Teachers love it because there is virtually no training required!

And Everest is a dream for school administrators too. Everything is hosted by us in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, so we handle all the technical elements for you; set-up, updates, security, back-up and everything in-between.

Finally, with Everest, there is now a product that delivers on the promise of using IT to support definitive school improvement.

The Single System Solution

Everest, from EDU365, combines all the key functionality, usually distributed across the many expensive, disconnected systems used in schools, in order to deliver clear INSIGHT and EFFICIENCY. Quite simply, this transforms the educational experience for each and every stakeholder.

Everest was built for and by teachers to dramatically reduce the operational “noise” within the complex school environment and allow all stakeholders to focus on what matters.

How does it work?

Using the very latest technology and combining decades of educator experience, Everest is a mobile-first solution, able to:
  • harness the data from your school MIS/SIS
  • streamline and automate tasks
  • provide 'heads-up' visibility using visual key indicators
  • facilitate collaboration and engagement
  • manage curriculum delivery
  • deliver the focused communcation schools need
  • vastly increase the value of your school data
  • align to the way teachers, students & parents want to work and collaborate
  • help meet the challenges of juggling the demands of school & home life head on

Why choose Everest?

Simply because Everest can help to deliver all the improvements schools need with none of the complexity and at a fraction of the cost of the multiple legacy school systems that attempt to achieve this.
App features

How Everest Works

Watch our video below to see how Everest transforms and improves the day-to-day school experience for Teachers, Students, Parents and the School's Management team

In this short video you can see how Everest transforms the school experience for:

  • Anita, a teacher,
  • James, a parent and
  • Philip, the school principal. 

Press play!


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Awesome Features

We've designed Everest with all these important features that schools need...
Sync with MIS

Sync with MIS

Synchronising your MIS data directly to Everest Desktop and Mobile Apps provides Attendance, Achievement, Behaviour and Assessment data in the palm of your hand

Grade Book

Grade Book

The integrated Grade Book allows teachers the flexibility to enter grades on-the-fly at school or at home

Curriculum Creation and Management

Curriculum Creation and Management

Everest fosters collaboration between teachers by allowing the creation and re-use of Lesson Plans, Homework and File and Web Link Resources



The cloud-based storage library utilises modern search and tagging systems to help you quickly and easily find the best resource for your specific need



To engage with all audiences, Everest is supported on a wide range of tablets, smartphones and computers


Reaching Students, Parents and Teachers should be easy and fast. With Everest you can push vital information to a parent’s mobile phone in seconds


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Everest Desktop or App. your choice.

Built with efficiency and productivity at its core, Everest provides both a desktop and a mobile experience for seamless access to your school wherever you are. Our focused apps, for teachers, parents and students, are optimised to provide the tools that make practical sense as users move between their multiple devices.

Everest is a powerful, unified app that assists teachers and school leadership in delivering a first class education for their students. 

Teachers access a single, intuitive platform which can dramatically reduce time spent on admin tasks and help plan classes, track attendance, manage behaviour and grade papers. 

Benefits for teachers: 

  • Easy to use admin tools for teachers to record: 
    • Attendance - AM/PM sessions and lesson-by-lesson 
    • Behaviour & Merits  
    • Assessment and grading 
  • Built with the school timetable at its core to facilitate: 
    • Automated organisation of resources, plans, homework and messages 
    • Automation of repetitive tasks 
  • Easy to use curriculum tools to manage: 
    • Homework  
    • Curriculum Planning 
    • Resources 
    • Lesson Planning 
  • User friendly, time-saving tools include: 
    • Task Management and reminders 
    • Messaging Centre for focused communication with staff, students and parents 

Everest assists parents in supporting their child throughout the school day.  

Parents can stay connected and informed on the daily progress of their child.

  • iOS and Android apps provide everything a parent needs to monitor their childs day-to-day workload and to help them keep on top of their homework 
  • Stay informed via in-app messages and other focused communications in the messaging centre 
  • Keep track of progress and collaborate with teachers to ensure student success
  • View and download academic reports
  • Observe merits and awards
  • Be alerted to any conduct issues or adverse behaviour events
  • View detailed attendance information including
    • session attendance,
    • lesson-by-lesson
    • any recorded lateness
  • Browse your childs school timetable so that you, and they, are fully prepared for what's ahead in the school week

Everest provides an easy to use desktop or mobile app that helps students meet the many challenges of the school day head on.  

Benefits for Students: 

  • iOS and Android apps provide everything a student needs to manage their day and keep on top of their homework 
  • The desktop app provides a single place for students to easily access all resources for each class and to support them in completing their homework 
  • Keep track of their own progress and collaborate with teachers to ensure success


Critical information can be viewed quickly and easily with the Everest mobile apps

app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot
app screenshot

edu365 - who we are

EDU365 is a specialised educational technology (‘EdTech’) company with an executive team compromising highly seasoned educationalists, technology experts and software trainers.

The EDU365 executive team have more than 20 years’ experience in improving schools globally, including leading projects implementing, customising and supporting school software systems in over 600 schools worldwide.

At the helm of EDU365 Group is Chairman Daniel Tennent. Formerly of Micro Librarian Systems, Daniel is a highly experienced director in the EdTech field. His knowledge of the education market and his ability to evangelise solutions and visualise the next opportunity is second to none.

Everest is the product of EDU365’s combined expertise, experience and our unwavering ambition to help drive school improvement. We look forward to working with you.


Join us for a free 30-minute overview webinar of Everest and get an exclusive pricing offer

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