MIS Sync

Everest desktop and mobile apps provide teachers with rapid and intuitive data entry for attendance, achievement, behaviour and assessment data.

Grade Book

The integrated, customisable grade book gives teachers the flexibility to enter daily scores, marks and grades in school or from other locations.


To engage with all audiences, Everest is mobile first and supported on a wide range of tablets, smartphones and computers.

Teaching and Learning

Everest allows the creation and re-use of lesson plans, resources and homework. With hand in/out functionality and collaborative dialog around the work set to support student learning. Our Class Folders file and web link functionality enables teachers to use the Everest App as a single launchpad for any teaching resources.


Reaching students, parents and teachers should be easy and fast. With Everest you can push vital information to mobile devices in seconds.

Resource Management

Our flexible cloud-based storage library utilises modern search and tagging systems to help teachers share and quickly and easily find resources and lesson plans.


Our special needs functionality allows teachers and SENCOs to work collaboratively to support their students in the classroom.

Remote Lesson Delivery

Live lessons can be delivered using Microsoft Teams meetings. Our Links launchpad can push useful information such as letters, policy documents and bulletins to the Student and Parent Apps for quick centralised access. Links to other apps can also be added.

Accessible on any device

Built with efficiency and productivity at its core, Everest provides both a desktop and a mobile experience for seamless access to your data wherever you are.

Our focused apps, for teachers, parents and students, are optimised to provide the tools that make practical sense as users move between their multiple devices.