What is Everest?

Everest is an innovative solution from EDU365 that has been designed and built to simplify many of the tasks undertaken by teachers and school leadership teams daily.

Everest is a hosted solution which means that it’s quick to implement and there is a minimal maintenance and support overhead for schools.

Key data will be read from SIMS and presented in a clear, modern interface. New data is written back to SIMS and there is no duplication.

Everest is thoughtfully designed, so very little training is needed.  From day one teachers will be comfortable using it to find and capture information.

It provides a simple, quick way for heads of department to monitor activity for each class.

The Student and Parent Apps provide a single place to go for published work and resources, simplify communication, provide access to general information and encourage engagement across the whole school community.

Everest will keep life simple for schools, teachers, parents and students. It has an attractive, standardised interface and everything is easily accessible in one place, unlike SIMS which has SIMS Parent, SIMS Teacher and Homework apps.