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Modernising SIMS

Everest can rejuvenate SIMS without the risks associated with changing MIS. It is simple to implement and as a hosted application requires little management, minimising the burden on staff. Everest is all that is needed to provide teachers with remote access to update and view information, communicate with parents and students, set and manage homework, provide access to school documents and learning resources. Parents are engaged with the school and their child’s learning using the Everest unified student and parent apps.

Everest provides the ideal opportunity for schools to save money, reduce operational overheads and provide teachers with a modern, flexible solution.

Simplify SIMS End of Term Reporting

Having comprehensive assessment data has never been more important. Everest provides online access to SIMS marksheets for teachers to enter marks, grades and comments for assessments, interim and end-of-term reports at anytime from anywhere.

Teachers also have easy access to classroom grade books and other student data giving a comprehensive picture of each student’s performance.

To encourage student self-reflection and personal development homework marks, test results, reports and more can be shared via the Everest Student and Parent Apps.

Easy Remote Access to SIMS

Everest provides a single, modern web solution for schools that use SIMS. It presents data in a way that teachers find easy to use and update without duplication or delay. Everest is accessible from web-enabled devices so offers teachers flexibility and greatly simplifies administration tasks, saving time. For reliable communications, the Everest Apps give students and parents instant access to performance information, school reports, policy documents and resources.